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"Tara Kula Rafting" Montenegro, is agency that will organize unforgettable adventures through the enjoyment in nature, fellowship and adrenaline. Our company has a goal of presenting the wild beauty of Montenegro to you in the most credible way. Through experiencing exciting flow of river Tara, in rubber boats, you will meet not only the deepest canyon in Europe, but also the second in the world - canyon of river Tara.

Agency "Tara Kula Rafting" offers various arrangements, one-day or longer with a variety of content that will bring you a lot of excitement, introduce you to the pristine beauty and connect you with nature.

As already said, Tara Canyon is one of the deepest in the world. It is part of the National Park Durmitor and UNESCO heritage site for a good reason. River Tara is so clean and pure that you can drink water from it - that is why Tara is called "The tear of Europe". It's 82 kilometers long and its deepest point is 1300 meters. Tara canyon is one of the world's 25 most important natural attractions, available to those who like rafting, but to hikers and bikers too. The entire length of the of the flow, in the Tara river is flowing significant amount of water from tributaries that creates waterfalls and cascades of extraordinary beauty, whose roar can be heard from the tops of the canyon. In the course of Tara river there are rocky and pebbly terraces, framed by thick pine forest, sandy beaches, high rocks and more then 80 large caves. Ćurevac is one of the favorite sightseeing platforms and from its high of 1625 meters you have magnificent view on Durmitor on one side, and Tara penetrating trough rocky peaks and graphite cliffs on the other. Part of the Tara canyon from Brštanovica to Šćepan Polje has the greatest height drop and it is a shortest route (18 km) with 21 rapids. Rapids are Brstanovići, Pećine, and very dangerous ones Ćelije and Vjenovački rapids. Tara canyon has a total of 50 rapids, lots of waterfalls and cascades and it is also known as Montenegrin Colorado.

In the period from May to October "Tara Kula Rafting" Agency organizes through Tara canyon rafting tours - from mild to wild parts of the river, which represents the great pleasure for extreme sport lovers and those who are looking for excitement.

  • We offer you a variety of rafting tours and arrangements:


This is a one day tour that starts early in the morning. Firstwe do preparations for rafting and all participants get all necessarily equipment. Then the real thing starts! From the raft dock we descend down the Tara canyon to one of the most beautiful parts. During the 3 hours of the tour, we will take a break for photo shootings and swimming. Also we will make a pause at Ljutica river - the shortest one in Europe, but also know for the biggest spring of fresh water in whole world. The great thing about this rafting tour is that participants will have chance to visit Black Lake in Žabljak and one of the most important landmarks in Montenegro - Tara Bridge. Next stop is camp again, where we will have lunch and that is a finale of the tour.


Combination of jeep safari and rafting is tour 7 hours long. Start point is Žabljak and and we'll passthrough National Park Durmitor by jeeps so we could see an amazing panorama - Tara, deepest canyon in Europe and the largest montenegrin massif, Durmitor. We go across Pivska Mountain tableland and gradients of Sušica Mountain where we will take break so we can have a pre-packed snack. The tour continues and we go to Brštanovica and that is where the rafting tour starts! We will go through 18 km long part of Tara witch is considered as most beautiful and most attractive part of river - more then 20 cascades and rapids. After the rafting tour is finished we stop by restaurant on the river dock to have lunch and then go back to Žabljak.


This tour takes 2 days, starts in the morning with preparation and getting all equipment ( neopren suits, boots, safety vest, helmet and paddle). After that we are going to a raft docks from where we start our rafting tour. Next stop is Ljutica river forrefreshment, and Mušova vrela for a snack break. We go through the tightest part of the Tara canyon - Lazin kamen, after that we stop for a lunch at national restaurant. Next part of rafting tour is going through the part where the canyon is deepest (1300m) - Tepački Buk and also seeing Bajlovića Sige waterfall. By the evening, we'll get to Brštanovica camp for dinner, fun and good night sleep. Second day is reserved for continuation of the rafting tour and we will pass through other parts of the Tara river - Brštanovica, Borovi and Ćelije that are considered the most demanding, but most attractive. After 96 km long rafting tour we will arrive at Šćepan Polje. After we have lunch there, rafting tour goes on, and we go back to the start point through National Park Durmitor where you you can see lakes, Žabljak and many mountain massifs.


Tour includes rafting on the most attractive part of the Tara canyon, it starts at Brštanovica and ends at Šćepan Polje, a place where Tara meets Piva and two of them make river Drina. This part of Tara is the most exciting because of combination of rapids and slower deep waters. For this kind of rafting, raft is made of eight separated cells, it is 5meters long and 2 meters wide, so that all participants will be safe and secure. For feeling even more safe, guides are the people who know Tara and the canyon better than anybody - local people.

Beside rafting Tara tours "Tara Kula Raft" Agency offers you complete tour around Žabljak, Durmitor and Tara canyon. Mountain Durmitor has ideal conditions for hiking and winning its astonishing peaks. With our perfectly equipped jeeps we will take you to the tours of all Durmitor's lakes, that are called "Mountain's eyes". The most of daring of you are invited to try out Zip Line tour, that is flying over the Tara canyon and gives the most magnificent view of the great bridge on Tara.

Through are rafting, jeep safari, hiking and zip line tours we will make you fall in love with nature, people and everything else from this area and from whole Montenegro. All of these adventures, traditional cuisine and national specialties from Montenegro will make your holiday here unforgettable and will made you come back again!


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    Najsigurnije,najsavrsenije uzivanje u prirodnim ljepotama.Povoljno savrseno, za pamcenje.

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